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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Team jester

Day 1here and ready to go where is the coffee?


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Snooker Louie's are snookered!

Snooker Louie's

The car is on the boat after another breakdown hopefully we will get it off the boat in st malo and see you all in Lille in the morning!!

Wish us luck!

Team jester question

What time does your boat get in? 
Our train gets in 1925

Team jester

On ferry with team nuke tac team martini team and surf rescue see you soon


Bubbs boys are hitting oz bar

Found OZ bar at 5 after a two hour bar crawl. Just waiting to register and getting rather pissed in the process. Roll on tomorrow

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Convoy of 5 and 56miles to dover

Team jester

Arrived in stop Lille!

See y'all soon!

Capital Punishment/Anchormen

The Bull

Snooker Louie's

Didn't make the boat this morning due to the dash buggering up! After a lot of panic and stress we are all sorted and raring to go for the later boat tonight! Note to self, when screwing things to the roof make sure you don't put a screw through any wires!! What a bunch of Louie's!!

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Ghostbusters are finally rolling

Departing Cambridge, then quick stop to collect 4th team member and then France here we come. 


Met a few more cars along the route. 7 hours later and a slight overheat of the engine, we are waiting to board the ferry to Calais.

Bubbs boys

The boys are 20 minutes from Lille, no major problems or stuff missing from the cars.

We meet a man on the boat with the biggest teeth in history. And French radio is bad other than the say the F word...nice

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Now left the Volunteer! See U all at the Bullfinch - Sevenoaks!

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We have made the volunteer anyone else meeting here

Team jester


Baldricks Cunning Plan -

So, we nearly got totalled by a clown in a rover on the M25. How do you miss a car covered in grass?!

Should be in Dover by 1....

Batteries Not Included

Just passing heathrow airport. We were supposed to take the M6, but....took a wrong turn and ended up on M40.

We passed by a grass covered Astra at some stage too.

Onwards and upwards!

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Don't forget to pop in guys if your going past the volunteer at junction 26 on the M25!

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Well smokey and the bandit on route ! Dover here we come

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