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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

End of days

It's been a great 5 days for us. I've never criss crossed in and out of France and Italy so much in all my life.

Long journey, short stops, traffic guidance from surf rescue, dodgy hairpin bends with help from the nuke tac team and the banter at the end of each day in the pub.

Ghostbusters became our friends, although 'idleing' at 3000rpm isn't ideal. A push from our car each time they stopped.

We scrapped our car, and got a measly €70 for something that was more than just a car to us, it powered over the alps 5 times!!!!

As we got into the car at the bemreakers to take us to the taxi, Lou Reed - Perfect Day was playing on the radio.

Sums it up really!

Darragh, Ger and Chris.

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